Privacy Policy

The Fortuna Entertainment always takes the most cautious measures and working procedures for protecting members’ information. The following policies describe our responsibilities and commitments to our members. In addition, it clearly explains how we process members’ information. By using the Fortuna Entertainment platform, you acknowledge and accept the rules and conditions of the Fortuna Entertainment Privacy Policy and understand the purpose and process of collecting the information.

Information collection and use

When a member activates and uses an account, we collect relevant information such as name, address, age, email, phone number, IP location, etc., for the purpose of:

  • Help improve account management
  • Security purposes (including member identification)
  • Create member profile
  • Send a promotional message

Manage customer relationships and achieve marketing targets

After activating an account, the member will automatically receive the information sent by the Fortuna Entertainment irregularly. Members can change their profile at any time. Please contact our customer service if any assistant needed.

Security and accuracy of personal information

Fortuna Entertainment is committed to properly maintaining all members' information and maintaining the accuracy of the data. According to the law, the member has the right to retain personal information and request to change any errors.

Meanwhile, Fortuna Entertainment ensures all steps are processed correctly so that member’s information is secured in the most stringent safety standards. In addition, member’s information is only available for disclosure if it is applicable to the law, and the information is mainly disclosed to the Fortuna Entertainment relevant departments, business partners, consultants and suppliers (such as credit card processing agencies). Fortuna Entertainment guarantees not to sell customer information to third parties.

Small size text files (Cookies)(Cookies)

When a member first browses the Fortuna Entertainment website, a small size text file called Cookie is sent to your browser for analysis. Later, when the member browses the website again, the small size text file has a special identifier to distinguish the member's computer. This helps us to provide better Internet access based on our member's preferences and interests.

Even if the member's browser chooses not to accept any small size text files, they still able to browse our web pages smoothly. The difference is, we can not provide better Internet services.

Website information

Fortuna Entertainment system will automatically record the network address of our members, but we will never record the email address of any website visitor, and this is mainly used for website traffic statistics.

Network security

Fortuna Entertainment system is absolutely secure and confidential to ensure that the personal information and data provided to us by our members are safe. All relevant content sent to us must be stored in our servers protected by high-tech security facilities. This confidentiality facility is maintained using the most advanced firewall technology. Our website and software use the best confidentiality procedures to ensure that the member's personal information is not used by third parties.

If members have any questions about our privacy policy and network security, please email us at service or contact our customer service.

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